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Our History

Step, born in 1983 from the idea and vision of Irma Ghignone, is a solid manufacturing Italian company.
Innovation, creativity, flexibility and quality are our essential characteristics to become a reliable partner for your development in the cosmetic area.
Step was born and evolved as a make up producer for private labels with a well established overview of the market.
Following this path, in 2015 Step began its own skin care / hair care production project, investing in “white cosmetic” technology.
Therefore step is the ideal supplier company for b2b meetings where every single product in cosmetics can be discussed and created.

Why choose Step

Continuous researches in the area of raw materials, ensure the formulation of new textures and new concepts.

Up-to-date contacts with the university and research world allow to have projects in the medium, long term for the future of step but also for its customers.
Step has a clear and defined vision: to become the tailor of contract manufacturing, during which the customer is accompanied throughout all the necessary steps from discussing the project to the placement of the product on the shelves.

The Step team supports the costumer in all his questions, helping in the various steps necessary to launch the product: regulatory, marketing, testing, creating the "bespoke suit" for his costumer.
Step operates under iso and gmp certification.
This assures the customer that the entire process is controlled and monitored.

Research, Development & Production



Step laboratory is the heart of the company, where a team of experts works on research of new industrial technologies and innovative formulations.

Another team is dedicated to the development of colors and pre bench mark samples to be presented to costumers.


Step cosmetici, thanks to outsourcing contracts, has forged exclusive partnerships with universities for medium and long term projects.


Until now Step cosmetici has heavily invested in the production departments, in order to satisfy every request.

The production remains elastic in terms of minimum production, allowing a unique flexibility in the market, but at the same time can provide high performances.

The Numbers

Examples of production: 50,000 eyeshadow pieces per day
1500 kg of cream per day
50,000 pieces of tubes filled per day

This means coping with each customer need, while respecting the selling time requested by the customer.
Because of this ductility, Step cosmetici lists among its customers both famous brands and smaller ones.
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Our Products

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