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Third-Party Production

Step Cosmetici follows your production from A to Z.
The customer will be accompanied by the discussion of the project up to the positioning of the product on the shelf.

All-Inclusive service


  • Product conception starting from the customer’s breef with our support and suggestions
  • Definition of the project
  • Formulation development
  • Packaging research
  • Stability / Compatibility Study, Challenge Test, Patch Test
  • Management of functional clinical trials of efficacy
  • Regulatory assistance, drafting of P.I.F. and technical files
  • Custom graphic creation
  • Production and packaging
  • Quality controls and quality assurance
  • Marketing and Marketplace development


In recent years, Step Cosmetici has invested in the production departments to become increasingly competitive and satisfy every request.

The production remains flexible and elastic in terms of minimum production, allowing unique flexibility in the market, but at the same time, it can provide high performance in terms of production.

The numbers

Production example:
50,000 pieces of eyeshadows per day
1500 kg of cream per day
50,000 pieces of tubes filled per day

This translates into the ability to manage any need: from our customers respecting the time to market required.

Ductility that earned Step Cosmetici the year among its customers of both the large brands with global distribution but also those with the regional distribution.

The advantages

  • A single interlocutor with whom to interface
  • Ability to quickly follow all stages of project progress
  • Optimization of design and development times
  • Direct interaction between the company structures involved in product development
  • Industry know-how for effective productivity

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