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STEP COSMETICI develops TECHNOLOGICALLY unique products thanks to the partnership with GAIATECH Srl, an innovative start-up, which has developed patented technologies given in exclusive concession to STEP COSMETICI.

These technologies allow obtaining finished and semi-finished production products with performances not comparable to those present in the cosmetic market.


Step has created a technological production project.

A new pigment processing process that allows you to process hybrid products in PRESSED / POWDERS / BAKED / EMULSION depending on the techniques.

KNEAD technology can be used to produce POWDERS, FOUNDATION and MASCARA


W.MILL TECH is an incredible industrial innovation, a unique system designed to mix powders that give the product new sensory properties.

A revolution in the treatment of powders through a patented technology that allows obtaining ultra-performing powders and allows you to create unique treatments by creating a new category of pigments.


A unique system designed to create a new product with surprising sensory qualities.

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